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    SATOSHIROUND is a Bitcoin blockchain-based lottery where drawing happens every ninety-nine minutes. A clever incentive for players to grind here but traffic seems to be low-ish at the time that we are writing this review.

    Round-timer is prompted in the panel when you join the site. No registration necessary, all of the accounts created automatically and assigned to the address from where you send Bitcoin.

    If round jackpot comes up between 0.002 to 0.05 BTC then the winner takes all of it. From 0.051 BTC to 0.20 BTC then three players win. Ten players win prizes when the pool is 0.201 BTC and up.

    Public-key for the round is given at all times and players will get to match it after round for verification of randomness. SATOSHIROUND's Bitcoin lottery is provably fair.

    You can see how many tickets sold for any round.


    At this time, we couldn't locate any generous promotions or deposit bonuses at SATOSHIROUND's Bitcoin casino. Technically, players never deposit which explains not having bonuses for that.

    We couldn't find an active Bitcoin affiliate program.

    VIP loyalty program does not seem to be present currently.

    You will earn extra tickets by purchasing a larger amount of them. Five to nine tickets earn you one extra, ten to forty-nine gives five extra, fifty to ninety-nine equals 10 bonus tickets. Hundred to four hundred ninety-nine equals twenty bonus tickets. From five hundred to nine hundred and ninety-nine for fifty extra and thousands plus gives you hundred bonus tickets.


    SATOSHIROUND is based on the random number generator algorithm.

    The provably fair feature is available. Players can verify the results after drawing completed.

    We couldn't find any Bitcoin live casino games at SATOSHIROUND.

    Blockchain - Deposits & Withdrawals

    SATOSHIROUND is a Bitcoin blockchain-based lottery where you don't need to deposit or withdraw from the platform. Each purchase of ticket happens with the transaction you send.

    Tickets purchased with BTC transactions, the ticket is valid with one confirmation.

    Winnings sent out to the BTC address where you purchased tickets from.

    Trust Conclusion

    We have seen many Bitcoin lottery sites, but none of which come with such a short randomizing interval. Giving extra tickets to players is a good incentive for boosting the volume, however, at this time raffles seem to come with low-ish pools. The provably fair feature enables players with verification of randomness after each round.

    We don't see anything wrong with SATOSHIROUND's Bitcoin lottery and giving them above average trusted rating. Good luck when buying tickets!

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