Nitrogen Sports fosters a thriving community of Bitcoin gambling enthusiasts that can connect through the website. A live community chat feature, cumulative jackpots, and site-wide competitions bring members together to compete for prizes. Customers can also connect through Facebook or Twitter.

Gaming Choices

Nitrogen Sports specializes primarily in helping guests to place wagers on sporting events. Members can bet on a variety of sports and leagues from around the world. The website contains an extensive sportsbook that contains everything from football tournaments to e-sports.

Nitrogen Sports members can play Poker with peers in the website's Poker Room. Here, players can participate in daily tournaments and big freerolls to win prize pools. A strict anti-collusion policy makes sure that no players gain an unfair advantage over others.

Website members can also visit the online casino to play Blackjack. Nitrogen Sports offers customers the choice between 8-Deck or 1-Deck Blackjack. To ensure that games are fair, the website uses the Fisher-Yates shuffle algorithm and the Mersenne Twister RNG.


Nitrogen Sports members can take advantage of the company’s tier based Poker Rewards Program and earn prizes just for playing poker with peers. Customers earn Loyalty Points each time that they play poker based on the rake that they contribute. As a customer earns more Loyalty Points, he or she will be promoted to a higher Nitrogen Reward Level. A customer’s Nitrogen Reward Level determines how much Nitro he or she can earn. Nitro is a form of website currency that can be exchanged for free Bitcoins or bets. The five levels that members can reach include:

  • Bronze: 0 Loyalty Points, 1.0X Nitro
  • Silver: 100 Loyalty Points, 1.0X Nitro
  • Gold: 500 Loyalty Points, 1.5X Nitro
  • Platinum: 2500 Loyalty Points, 2.0X Nitro
  • Diamond: 7500 Loyalty Points, 2.5X Nitro

Nitrogen Sports believes in cultivating a tight-knit community in which members both support and challenge each other. The company is proud to offer a number of contests and promotions in which customers can compete to win prizes. All website members can participate in the NFL Survivor Pool, which occurs every football season. Members play by correctly picking the winner of one professional NFL football game each week, but must strategize carefully as each team can be picked only once during a season. The last remaining bettor wins the prize pool.

The Monthly Parlay Promotion is another friendly contest in which Nitrogen Sports members can compete for free rewards. Each month, the top 7 poker players with the highest parlay payouts win a share of an impressive jackpot prize pool. The jackpot for this promotion grows every time that someone places a wager through Nitrogen Sports. The Parlay Promotion begins on the 1st of every month, and prizes are awarded on the 10th of the next month. Even parlays that lose by one play are still eligible to compete.

The Nitro Gear Contest is a new and easy way for customers to earn Bitcoin rewards through social media. Members simply have to take a picture of themselves in Nitrogen Sports gear purchased through the company store and share the photograph on Twitter or Facebook. A new winner is chosen every month to receive a prize of 1BTC.


Nitrogen Sports specializes primarily in online sports betting, but also provides other gambling options. The website offers customers the option to play poker against peers but does not allow customers to play with live dealers. Blackjack games are played against a computer.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Nitrogen Sports makes transactions fast and convenient. Deposits are credited to a customer’s account instantly. Withdrawals are also processed quickly unless there is a possible security breach detected. Customers aren’t charged any hidden fees for cashout requests.


Nitrogen Sports customers enjoy anonymity and safety while placing Bitcoin bets online. The company does not store any personal information and institutes a 2-step authentication process that ensures customer accounts are protected against fraud or theft. Deposits and withdrawals are fast and secure.

The Nitrogen Sports community is a very active and close-knit group that allows members to communicate, challenge and support each other. Members can talk about events in real time using the website’s live chat function, or connect through social media. Nitrogen Sports operates an active Facebook page and Twitter feed.

Nitrogen Sports allows members to place wagers anonymously and immediately. Customers can bet on a wide variety of sports, play Blackjack, or compete in poker tournaments. The company’s Poker Rewards program rewards dedicated poker players with Nitro, a website currency that can be exchanged for free Bitcoins or bets. Members can also earn prizes for participating in the website’s NFL Survivor Pool, the Monthly Parlay Promotion, or the Nitro Gear Contest.


Deposits and withdrawals are processed quickly though this is not always the case. If Nitrogen Sports detects that your account may have been hacked, then the company must complete a manual review for security reasons. This can take up to 24 hours and may be inconvenient for some customers. All eSports bets require a manual review.

Members that wish to place large bets may find the website's maximum bet limitations frustrating. There are caps to how much a customer can wager. This may not be a problem for casual gamblers, but could be a drawback for big spenders.


Nitrogen Sports is dedicated to helping customers around the world place Bitcoin bets anonymously and safely. Deposits and withdrawals are quick, easy and convenient. Members can place bets on a wide variety of sports, or they can visit the website's casino and poker lounge. Nitrogen Sports offers unbeatable odds alongside daily and monthly promotions, helping members to make the most out of every bet. Nitrogen Sports streamlines the Bitcoin gambling experience with fast and secure transactions.

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