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    Play at unique bitcoin box game.

    Gaming Choices is not the biggest online bitcoin casino that you can find and does not relay any of the slots or standard table games.

    Their main focus is on the unique box game that has many different variations. In the nutshell you keep opening boxes in the hope to find a prize if you find it and no one opens a box after you in the set time frame then you will be awarded with the win but if someone opens following box then the prize gets shuffled into one of the remaining box and game continues until someone finds it again or second to last box will be opened with no one finding the prize in which case all of the spent credits will be refunded to every player that participated in this game.

    Box Game Variations:

    Free - There is no cost to open a box but every user can open only 1 box per game.

    Normal - Credits that are required in order to open a box depend on the remaining boxes, the less is left the higher the cost. If you find the prize box you will have to remain as the final opener for a set time, if someone else opens the box then it gets randomized into one of the following boxes and game continues.

    Fast - Same rules as in normal game with the difference that whoever opens the prize box gets it immediately without any waiting time.

    Fixed Prize - Same rules as in fast and normal game but the amount of credits you need to open a box with always stay fixed. Game ends when the amount of remaining boxes times the credits you need to open on box equals the value of the prize.

    Double or Nothing - There is just 2 boxes and the chance of winning is at 50% with no waiting time.

    Beginners - Same rules as in normal game but only users who have never won a prize can participate in this variation.

    Multi-Prize - Rules are the same as in normal game but there is 9 extra prizes hidden in the boxes besides the main prize.

    Bonuses does not offer any of the deposit bonuses to their players. has an affiliate program which allows you to earn 15% in revenue from your referrals based on the bitcoin that house earns from their play/deposits.

    At random times there may be extra promotions running with notice on the front page.

    You can play some free game formats and win real bitcoin or credits if you have verified your e-mail.


    There is no games with live dealers to play at but the box games that they offer are all provably fair and random number generator based.

    Deposits and Withdrawals

    All of the deposits and withdrawals are processed in bitcoin.

    Games are played with house credits on top of bitcoin.


    Not the largest bitcoin casino that you can find on the wide web today but is special with their provably fair box game. Thanks to the affiliate program you can earn some extra bankroll. If you are not looking for fancy slots or table games and want to have some fun in a unique way then is the right house for you.

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