Another hard week is about to end, and you are left wondering what should you do in order to have fun this weekend. Our society moves at a hundred miles per hour pace, with no lack of entertainment sources but online gambling still continues to trump majority of them. With our mindset locked on gaming how to pick between fantasy sports and regular betting? Your top BTC gambling expert got a few tips to help you decide between Draftkings, Fanduel or a Bitcoin sportsbook!

Fantasy Sports vs Sports Betting

While both of the formats similar in nature, both are quite different in the objectives. Fantasy sports is an online gambling variety where players assemble a team of professional athletes with the goal of achieving the highest statistical points average. Every participant gets the same amount of bankroll to hire players on their team.

Sports betting is a bit less competitive, and more straight-forward if you ask your top gambling guide! Who got time worrying about players making their every shot, rebound, and staying minutes on the floor in the first place...

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In sports betting player wagers against a bookie. They get to select an outcome in a professional sports event. Keep in mind that your payout depends on the likelihood of outcome hitting. As long as it does, you will get your stake multiplied by the odds. Like we mentioned previously, different outcomes give you different odds!

Want To Keep Your Betting Private? Stick To Bitcoin Sportsbooks

Fantasy sports may be fun, but anonymous is one thing that they are not. Some people may not want to share their private details with online entities for many personal reasons. While reasons are irrelevant, we all understand how paramount it is to protect our privacy, and that's why Bitcoin sportsbooks remain the best choice for any online gambler.

We have reviewed some of the best crypto bookies out there, who do not ask you to send them a single document or ID. Staying true to the blockchain's anonymous nature, just like any self-respective Bitcoin bookie should!

Need Quick Withdrawals? Hard To Beat The Best Bitcoin Sportsbook Averages!

Another thing that Fantasy Sports platforms cannot compete with is the withdrawal times. Yeah, you may have an opportunity to play for slightly higher rewards, but you have to beat more players, and wait a long time to receive your winnings!

None of which would be the case when playing in some of the best Bitcoin sportsbooks currently on the blockchain! Your top-choice bookies offer instant withdrawals, making playing with them fast as convenient as it should be.

Next time that you are trying to decide between DraftKings and FanDuel, just stick to your favorite Bitcoin sportsbook for max value!

Good Bonuses and Promotions Another Plus Towards a Bitcoin Sportsbook

There is nothing wrong in enjoying a few rounds of fantasy sports every now and then, but their reward programs cannot compete with the best Bitcoin sportsbook.

If you choose the right bookie, then you will be getting rewards on every bet that you make in their sportsbook! On top of that, earn a 100% match bonus on your first deposit and even more value in seasonal promotions.

Don't waste too much of time living in the fantasy-land, come back to reality and let us help you find the right Bitcoin sportsbook today!