BetterBets– 0.5% House Edge Bitcoin & Nxt Dice and Plinko​

    Play at Provably fair Bitcoin and Nxt dice, Plinko and C.O.R.E.

    Gaming Choices

    BetterBets being a part of Moneypot technology relays only three games but they are provably fair.

    First and the biggest addition is the dice. You can verify results of each spin by using unique hash string.

    Besides that you can play Plinko. If you have ever visited your county fair then you probably have noticed a game where you drop a ball down the pins, while having it land in a hole with specific value, then you are familiar with Plinko which is a virtual modification of this same game.

    C.O.R.E. is house skill game where at the end of the day 80% of total pool is distributed in between top 3 players and house keeps 20%. How ever you cannot play this game by using bitcoin and would have to opt for Moneypot coin (Nxt).


    There is no deposit bonuses at BetterBets but each day there is a "Happy Hour" which is hosted in between 6 to 7 PM EST during which period the house edge is lowered to 0.25%


    Only random number generator based games at BetterBets.

    Deposits and Withdrawals

    Deposits and withdrawals happen through Moneypot interface.

    You are credited with your deposit after 1 confirmation.

    Withdrawals are processed instantly.


    If you are looking to shoot some provably fair dice or have some Plinko fun then BetterBets has a game for your needs. Player's chat turns BetterBets into an interactive bitcoin gambling experience. Happy Hour with 0.25% house edge should be one of the key factor why to gamble at BetterBets.

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