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    Gaming Selection

    We have recently reviewed similar games to 36Eyes like Blitzmoon, Cryptoskull, and BitKong. All of them have a similar tile-flipping objective but a slightly different amount of tiles or multipliers.

    36Eyes is the first Egyptian-themed bitcoin gaming platform. You have to find the Eye of Ra under a row of four tiles, there is just one of them in each row. Select your way all the way to the top if you want to play for the maximum multiplier. You could also play on as little rows as just one and cash out immediately.

    Demo mode also available for players who would like to learn the game playing for fun. You cannot win any real money prizes when playing in the demo.

    Playing with bits from the faucet is in real-mode.


    36Eyes' Bitcoin gaming platform does not offer any deposit bonuses to their players at this time.

    We couldn't locate an active VIP loyalty program.

    Faucet permits claiming of free bits and playing the game without depositing any of your own Bitcoin.

    36Eyes does have a Bitcoin affiliate program where commissions paid from the house edge.


    At the moment of this review, 36Eyes' Bitcoin gaming platform does not offer any casino table games with live dealers.

    36Eyes game is based on the random number generator.

    The provably fair feature is active under HASH-tab.

    Blockchain - Deposits & Withdrawals

    New blockchain casinos are opening up their operations every day with 36eyes being the next one. We do not see multi-currency support on this gaming platform. The only accepted digital currency is Bitcoin (BTC).

    Bitcoin (BTC) deposits credited to players accounts after one confirmation on the blockchain network.

    Bitcoin (BTC) withdrawals shipped to designated addresses instantly. Your deposit must have at least one confirmation.

    Trust Conclusion

    36Eyes is a freshly-launched blockchain gaming platform which operates on Bitcoin (BTC). We don't see a huge gaming selection, but they are focused on bringing you one niché provably fair tile-flipping game. Players can select their multipliers by changing the number of selected tiles. 36Eyes has a faucet which allows claiming of free bits and tests of the game without deposits. An affiliate program pays commissions from the house edge on all of the bets placed by your referrals.

    36Eyes has a nice Egyptian-themed design. We don't see anything negative going on with this Bitcoin gaming platform and wish you all good luck when playing there. We would advise keeping your deposits on the lower end until the house builds an even bigger reputation in the blockchain community.

    Keep in mind that gambling can be very addictive, that's why you should always play responsibly.

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